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Guidelines for entering a Prayer Request

This page is for you if you would like us to pray for you, or for an intention close to your heart. You will remain completely anonymous and will not be contacted by us in any way. It is not necessary that you yourself be a prayerful person. You could even be the Lost Sheep, as in the Parable of the Lost Sheep. It is sufficient that you care enough to ask for prayer and cry out to the Lord. God will reward your openness to His graces. You, yourself, do not have to pray. Ideally, however, we do ask you to join with us in praying for your intentions and if they are granted through this Prayer Apostolate to return and post your Thanksgiving. We suggest you choose a simple, easy to manage prayer or fast or penance, or suffering and offer it up in union with us for a novena of nine days.

In posting your Prayer Request we ask you to be guided by the following :

  1. Do not identify either yourself or the person/situation in your Prayer Request, unless that person/situation is already in the public domain.
  2. If your Prayer Request involves a perceived wrong, hurt or broken relationship between you and someone else phrase your Prayer Request in such a way that you are genuinely asking for prayer for the other person. This will make your Prayer Request doubly powerful and will bring peace to your own heart, because you are following the advice of Jesus to “Pray for those who persecute and calumniate you.”
  3. If your Prayer Request involves a situation, such as that you will sell your house or get that job, always direct your prayer towards the person or persons involved in that situation rather than the situation itself. This makes your prayer so much more pleasing to God. In the first case above you might pray for everybody who will view your house, especially the person who will eventually buy it. In the second case you might pray for the needs of all those who will interview you for the job and perhaps for your own needs also, should you get the job.
  4. If your Prayer Request involves seeking deliverance from evil spirits, try to identify and name the overall main ruling spirit e.g. jealousy, hatred, domination, unforgiveness, occult power etc etc.
  5. Be as honest as you can in your Prayer Request and refrain from blaming others……leave that judgement call to Almighty God Who knows all things and reads all hearts.
  6. Try to believe Jesus with us when He says “Anyting you ask the Father in My name will be granted.
  7. Lastly, if your Prayer Request does not seem to have been granted by our loving Father, be open to the fact that it may not have been for your good or the good of those concerned , or indeed that some additional soul-searching may be required of yourself, so that you may re-phrase your prayer with greater honesty.
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Divine Mercy
My gaze from this image is
like My gaze from the cross
Pope John Paul 11
Pope John Paul 11
Divine Mercy
My gaze from this image is
like My gaze from the cross